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Monday, April 25, 2022

(Not) Riding off into the Sunset

Well, That Didn't Last Long. I meant to retire, I honestly did, but as I mentioned prior to my retirement from Reglue, I would continue to help those financially disadvantaged students when I could.


I'll make a long story short, an administrator from the local college Student Services office, got wind of what I do and asked me in for a meeting. It was a pleasant meeting, during which, she handed me a piece of paper with the contact information for seven students in need of a computer. She asked me If I could provide these kids computers.

I mentally did an inventory of the few things I have left, and told her I could; but retired means retired, and I would not be able to be of assistance after this. Truth be told, the past 20 years have kicked my ass and I aim to retire to a small lakeside town by Lake Buchanan in a few months.

I have a hard time saying no, and since these kids start college in the fall, I need to get to work. Plus, it will take care of most of the inventory I have left. Some will be taking remedial classes this summer in order to take the college-level courses they signed up for in the fall. And they all meet the requirements to receive a Reglue computer.

So after going into storage and picking out the machines with the least mechanical needs, I do have the computers to meet this challenge, but just barely. I just don't have the money. It's going to cost 345.00 to get them serviced and into the possession of these kids.

This will be the last time I come to my community for this help. I will ride off into the sunset this time, I don't have any more computers to fix up and give away.

If you can assist, I would deeply appreciate it, as I need to get started on this project as soon as possible. You can do so via the cash app with the user $reglue or via

And as always, thank you for helping me do what I do.

All Righty Then

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